Welcome to Pc Health 247

Welcome to Pc Health 247


Our Privacy Policy...


Pc Health 247 assures you the best online technical assistance in the technology sector. Our prime concern is our clients’ privacy and security and so we have developed strict privacy policy, that confirms your privacy is maintained at all times. Every web users’ nightmare is privacy breach, so we as believe in complete client satisfaction understanding the sensitivity in privacy concerns, we assure you complete privacy, whether you avail our tech services or just visit our website. As part of our privacy policy, we declare that we don’t collect your personal information unless you provide so. In case you are interested in staying updated with our newsletter subscriptions, we may ask for your personal informations to create an account with us, but be assured that we don’t deal with sharing our visitor’s personal information with third parties. We aim to provide our visitors strict privacy, so be assured our affiliates offer you the same privacy as ours as per their national laws.
To brief our clients how Pc Health 247 follows strict privacy policy in relate to collection, use and sharing our client information, well we at Pc Health 247 we first confirm you the need, for sharing your personal details to us. Its transparent and your choice to confirm so. When we contact you for marketing needs, you have the choice to remove your name for future references. We provide strict security measures, to not share your personal informations. In case we share your informations with vendors to provide you technical services, we make them assured to comply with our privacy policy, as not to reveal your personal informations without your concern.
At Pc Health 247, we may need to collect your personal informations which may include in:
•    Contact informations that includes in your name, address for correspondence, contact informations and ofcourse your email address.
•    It may also include in purchase details which includes your credit card details and shipping informations.
•    Demographic details that have included in scopes for age, personal interests and product choices, to serve you better by understanding your needs and choices.
At Pc Health 247 we use your personal informations for may be the following scopes:
•    For research and analysis on our clients for better service.
•    Introduction of new products or services.
•    Customizing our websites and offers to serve your needs.
•    Marketing references.
•    Online order tracking.
•    Installation and delivery of services.
•    Managing loyalty programs and surveys.
Be assured there would be no breach of privacy for whatsoever without your confirmation.




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